Vision And Mission

The provision of human resources is a challenge that is not easy for the business world in various levels, both in project development to operations.

We are PT. Kaltim Nusa Etika,
a broad-minded business entity, particularly in the field of Human Resources Development, ready to be your professional partner.

Vision and mission
PT. Kaltim Nusa Etika vision is to become a superior, robust and reliable in the provision of labor services, professional and international scale general trading services also customer satisfaction oriented.

We also have a mission:
1.    Able to provide a quality labor, competent and certified human resources to meet the customer needs specifications, both nationally and internationally.
2.    Being able to compete in the general trade market segment with a good quality wide range of goods and products to meet the needs of the petrochemical industry, mineral and oil & gas.
3.    Provide maximum and reliable service, also competitive in meeting the needs of all customers that include the provision of employment services, vehicles rental, buildings and heavy equipment.
4.    Improving good and sustainable cooperation with all customers.
5.    Establish partnership with other companies to develop various business diversification.